Monday, March 28, 2011

This feeling...


This feeling...
Make me feel sick each days..
This feeling..
Make me can't focus what i'm doing..
This feeling...
Make me to be strong and put trust in Him..
Sometimes this feeling make me cry..
Pretend to be that i'm ok..
But when i'm alone, i'm crying deep in my heart..
 He give me this feeling..
Because He knows that i can conduct it..
And it is not easy for waiting ...
waiting for that day.. 
The day that given by Him..
InsyaAllah... i will wait for it..
And continue our journey in in this way for Mardhatillah..
To become His Devotees... 
p/s: tq for all feeling that u give me Allah.. setiap rasa yg dirasa pasti ada hikmah yg tersendiri.. sedang n sngt berusaha untuk menjadi tabah

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